PFC SL Campaign

Greg vs. Patrick: Week 1

Greg’s Arsenal
Patrick’s Arsenal

In an epic conflict between the forces of life and nature vs. the powers of death and rebirth, Miranda and crew edged out Madame Sybelle.

Strategy and Schemes available

  • Turf War (strategy)
  • Line in the Sand
  • Breakthrough
  • Distract
  • Deliver a Message
  • forgotten, check with Patrick

Mostly positioning. Molemen leapfrogging up one side to the center line, the SC and Miranda hid themselves behind a wall. Madame Sybelle, and Bambi moved to the center of the map, with the Hanged moving slightly off center.

Bambi lured an innocent and precious Moleman toward the center of the map. The Moleman ran back to cover after this. The other Moleman moves forward, where the Hanged attacks him for minimal effect. SC leaps forward and tears Bambi to shreds. Madame Sybelle is understandably upset and beats the SC ruthlessly. Miranda moves forward to the center and heals the SC. Before more carnage can ensue, the SC delivers a message to Madame Sybelle and then she beats him more, must have been bad news? Miranda heals him and transforms herself into a Blessed of December and leaps into action with Madame Sybelle.. The Hanged comes in to assist his besieged leader. Meanwhile the Moleman continue forward to breakthrough.

The SC is dispatched and Sybelle thinks about delivering a message, but then realizes that she does not have it with her. Lots of positioning where the Molemen and the BoD run away from their enemies but to no avail, and the BoD succumbs to the attacks of Madame Sybelle. The kill, while morally satisfying is not enough to turn the tide, and the game ends with Miranda and crew the victors.

Final Score: Greg 8, Patrick 3

Greg Banks his 5 scrip and Patrick Banks his 2 scrip. No opponent is finished off.



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