PFC SL Campaign

Greg Vs. Bob: Week 2

Greg’s Arsenal
Bob’s Arsenal

Standard Deployment
Strategy: Squatter’s Rights
Schemes: A Line in the Sand; Protect Territory; Make Them Suffer; Assassinate; Vendetta

Bob lines up his crew slightly right of Center, Greg Lines his guys up to the far right. First round consists of Bob moving forward cautiously with his 3 hitters and his Monk using his ratskin like cheater to get to the center line, while Greg “streaked” his Molemen up the right side, and advances Cerberus 2 and Myranda to right Center. Cerberus 1 becomes fast and leaps and then wastes all his extra attacks (including a maul trigger) by killing the Monk in one hit.

With Gnawing Fear, and other trickery, Bob locks down Cerberus, essentially castrating his offensive capabilities. The Molemen continue to run into Bob’s deployment zone leaving scheme markers. Myranda and Cerberus 1 lay in strategy markers. Finally Cerberus is killed and Ama No Zako flies over to engage Myranda. Myranda goes full retard and tries to hurt Ama No Zako instead of running like a smart person. Meanwhile, Yin and Hungering Darkness put strategy markers in place. With Recalled training and a Red Joker Flip, Myranda goes down like Tim’s Mom on a $3 date, thus awarding the assassinate scheme points to Bob.

Molemen and Cerberus run into cover to avoid Bob’s hitters. Bob marks up more strategy Markers and removes enough of Greg’s Markers so that he gets no strategy points, as well as laying down scheme markers. Near the end of the 5th Round, Greg tries to reach a strategy marker, and steal a last minute point, but he is just out of range because he cannot end his turn on a tree. He then decides to attack yin, in hopes of crazy luck killing him, or winning initiative in the 6th and finishing him off and getting another marker down, but he failed to kill Yin or place a marker, and the game ended.

Bob scores 3 points for Assassinate, 3 points for Protect Territory, and 2 points for Squatter’s rights for a total of 8 points.
Greg scores 3 points for Make them Suffer, 3 points for Protect Territory, and 2 points for Squatter’s rights for a total of 8 points.

Results: Greg and Bob tie the game, with Bob earning 4 scrip, and Greg earning 6 scrip. Both players bank their earnings.



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