PFC SL Campaign

Bob v Patrick Week 3

Pattrick was off to a good start when he lured in Hungering Darkness to two belles and Madame Sible. Ama No Zako followed him to give support. All the models were in range for turf war. Canine Remains and the Dead Rider were on the flanks. Harvey the Wandering River Monk shot of toward the Canine Remains who ran. Harvey was free for the rest of game to leap and drop scheme markers for Plant Evidence. Ama No Zako died (Bob’s Bodyguard target) in and Hungering darkness was down to 1 wound and flipped a black Joker on his terror check and did nothing for the round. It looks very bad for Bob at this point.

In round three Hungering Darkness started killing models and healed almost up to full health. Yin and Phill the Illiminated moved in to aid. The illuminated was nerfed for most of the game with slows. Between Yin and Phil’s ranged attacks and Huggy’s Tendrils. Patrick’s only model left on the board turn 5 was the Dead Rider who was engaged with Yin and Huggy with the Illuminated not far off.

Bob won initiative and Huggy used Heed My Voice to make the Dead Rider walk up to Yin and fail his Horror check paralyzing him for the turn. Phil spent the last couple turn’s removing enemy scheme markers. An in the end Bob won 7 (3 – Plant Evidence and 4 – Turf War) to Patrick’s 5 (3 – Plant Explosives and 2 – Turf War)


7 to 6, I got one for plant evidence. But other then that yeah…. Pretty much how he described it lol.

Bob v Patrick Week 3

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